Firebird MP40 Magplate

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The Umarex Pellet Trap Auto-reset Target System is a lot of fun without the need to constantly reset the target. This means more trigger time fun with less walking back and forth.

How to use the Umarex auto-reset pellet trap
Put on your airgun safety gear
Setup the trap in a safe location
Shoot the right or left side to lock it in the up position
Shoot the other side to lock it in the up position
Shoot the center target to release the side targets

NOTE: Steel BBs and hard pellets should NOT be used on any solid metal target due to the possibility of ricochet. All airgun target shooters should use full safety precautions while shooting. Soft lead pellets are the best choice for this type of target. Recommended for use with .177 and .22 airguns.

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